Fall is a great time to replace drafty old windows with energy-efficient Andersen Windows.  It’s no secret that drafts can drive your heating and cooling bills through the roof. A properly installed, properly insulated window can not only help make your home more comfortable, it may help reduce your monthly energy bills. One way to make sure you’re getting an efficient product is to look for one that’s ENERGY STAR® certified. New construction? make sure Anderson Windows are in the plan.

When you choose a quality window from  Anderson you get more than view. The performance that’s built into every Anderson window is engineered to deliver better energy efficiency.  Additional benefits may include a reduction in outside noise making it into your home and the filtering of harmful UV light to help protect your furniture.

The latest innovation allows Anderson windows to wirelessly connect to your home security system. With this new feature you’ll not only know if your windows are open or closed, or if they’re locked from anywhere using your mobile device. You’ll never have to “wonder” again.

Come in to any DB&S Lumber location to find out how an Anderson Window is the right choice.


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