Transform from RDI is resin based with a state of the art Resalite™ core. Transform Railing contains no wood! It has the look and feel of a wood railing- without the hassles of wood. Resalite won’t absorb water so it resists rot, weathering, discoloration, and sagging. Transform’s exterior surface is 100% acrylic which is so durable, that Transform CRUSHES composite railing with a limited lifetime warranty. In fact, bulletproof shields are made of acrylic! That is how durable Transform outdoor railings are.

Transform balusters attach quickly and easily with mounting adapters, saving time by eliminating the need for nailing or screwing each baluster into the railing. This innovative baluster adaptor works in level and stair rail configurations. Brackets are completely concealed within the rail structure, providing a clean, finished look. One bracket is used for all applications: level, stair, and angled installations.

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